I Hate This Brain, It’s Stupid

Today is Thursday the 2nd of June, 2016 BC. As far as we know, we (as human beings) have only existed for 200,00 years and our ancestors for 6 million. The Earth we are on is over 4.5 billion years old and our solar system is closer to 5.6 billion. Even though our civilisation is only 6,000 years old (a mere blink of our universe’s 13.7 billion years) we have already made discoveries like gravity, electricity, DNA and the theory of relativity. Out planet covers ~6371 km and is home to 7,426,684,999 (as of right now) people as well as an incalculable number of other fauna & flora. But what is an odd 6,000 km in comparison to Jupiter (our solar system’s largest planet) at 69,900 km? Or the sheer size of our galaxy, with its 100,000 year span and 400+ billion stars?

We are but 200,000 year old children in an ever-expanding and 13,772,000 year old universe. We may have made it out of our own atmosphere and put our first steps onto the moon, but we are still unsure of what it is we’re actually doing. Recently we were able to discover a star so cold that it has crystallised completely into diamonds, yet we are unable to find a definitive answer to why humans will mimic a yawn. It has been calculated that a gas cloud in the constellation Aquila holds enough alcohol to brew 400 trillion trillion pints of beer, but the majority of tour own ocean is still unexplored. At this very moment there is approximately 5,000 planes flying in the USA, but we still can not explain how turbulence actually works. The more we look for answers, the more questions we find.

Even with the knowledge that <90% of my body is made of stardust (possibly belonging to a star that was witnessed by another life form), my tiny human mind cannot be fully distracted from it’s concerns regarding tomorrow’s food intake.

I hate this brain, it’s stupid.


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