In recent times it has appeared that we only speak of ‘humanity’ in it’s absence. I find myself swept up in this whirl-wind of senselessness and negative buzzwords, but forgetting what it really means to have humanity. In light of recent events I have seen such prominent divisions between groups of people. People are angry at those who retaliate, but also at those who don’t. There is blame being thrown left, right and centre and most of the time I don’t even know why. The media like to say we’ve “lost our humanity,” but how will we ever be able to find it by letting them pit us against each other?

Whether the ideal of humanity is ever reachable I suppose I will never know, but there is one thing that I do; we will never find it through revenge. It has never been important how we are different, only in the things we have in common. Even though that notion has been twisted to mean “that person isn’t what I think is normal, they are the problem” that is not what finding common ground is about. Common humanity is the love we have for those closest to us and the joy (and sometimes sadness) that they bring us. This love speaks volumes louder than who it is we care about. We are the same because we accept this love and grow from it, not because we are infatuated by a person who falls into a societal norm.

When a person -or persons- commit crimes that tear apart what we hold to be human, it understandably shakes us to our very core. There are so many things going through our hearts and our minds that sometimes it all just bundles into anger. Fingers are pointed, blame is thrown, retaliation seems like the only logical step. But anger is easy, grieving is harder. It is understandable to pick up a pitchfork when we feel threatened, but we are just adding fuel to this fire of emotions. Those who choose to hold a peaceful protest after they have experienced a loss of such substance are the people that need our love. The ones that understand what real pain is and knew that to arm themselves was only to add to this suffering, they are the true meaning of human. Love is needed the most when it is the hardest to feel. When the pain seems unending and the anger feels overwhelming, that is when love is the most important.


I may sound naive, but I hope it comes across as optimism.


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