Almost Losing My Cool

There are very few things that can simultaneously cause me this much heartache, anxiety and pure rage. Although I can be a very passionate person in a debate I am usually the last person to draw that passion from spite. In fact, true anger terrifies me beyond belief and I try my best to avoid it at all costs. That is why the situation I found myself in today was so incredibly confronting.

Please let me preface this by saying that I have no ill-will to those who are vegan, I honestly couldn’t give two craps about what another person choses to eat (or not eat). I am even more than happy to have an open debate about the pros and cons of certain lifestyle choices and their effects on the Earth. But if you (without any actual evidence) tell me that meat and dairy are the “problem to all our diseases” and that the only way to get rid of cancer is through a “whole foods vegan diet,” I will most likely lose my mind.



I apologise that this image cuts of half of the conversation, but to be honest my hands were shaking. Instead of taking a better photo I deleted all of my comments, because I knew that my mum was friends with me on facebook and that if she had’ve seen this girls comments it would have broken her. My auntie (my mum’s eldest sister) lost her battle with cancer shortly after her 50th birthday, at which point she was a very true believer in the same vegan, whole food diet. The next time you tell me to “shh with you bullshit TY” I may kindly ask you to sit on a cactus. You have the right to believe whatever unproven and unsupported logic that you want (heck, I have an eating disorder that quite often leads me to believe that I am so fat I change Earth’s gravitational pull. I’m not one to argue!) but until you understand what it’s like to hold your mum in your arms while she uncontrollably sobs for hours, I beg that you keep this sort of esteem to yourself. I get that you think you’re right, just like I think I’m right, but you are spreading lies and harm as well as giving others who have adopted a plant based diet a horrible name!

The anger that I feel coursing through my veins scares me, but not as much as the fear that this could be said to my mum. That someone could tell her that her ongoing battles with cancer are something that is her fault, that her sister wasn’t being a “good enough” vegan, that people who are crying right now because they lost a love one are crying in vane.

Please never fight an argument with anger or malice, because then no one is ever a winner. Speak words that are motivated by passion or a love to better the world we live on. Spread awareness, not hatred.


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