It’s the Little Things…

It’s the little things that all start to add up eventually. So here is a list of seemingly unimportant/stupid reasons why I hate having mental illnesses.

  • No longer knowing what amount of hair loss is normally to be expected when showering.
  • Having every part of your body ache, constantly.
  • Needing to stop and sit on someone’s front verge when you’re walking because your legs randomly decide to give out.
  • Trying to discreetly get out of bed in the middle of the night (namely, when you’re sharing with someone) because the pain caused by laying still seems to grow exponentially by the hour.
  • Eating at a level high enough to pull me out of my disconnected fugue, but no where near enough to deal with the mental or physical ramifications.
  • Continually saying that I have done/will do something and then never remembering. Meaning I am always stuck in anxiety provoking situations that I don’t even remember putting myself in.
  • My nails have started denting/tearing and get caught on every. little. thing.
  • Always asking (the same) stupid questions while working because I have a terrible ability to retain information.
  • Being floored by a common cold. It’s as though my body just said “Fuck this and fuck you” and walked out on me.

Pt. 1 of what I suspect to be an infinite list


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